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One of the most exciting moments a nature-lover can experience is sailing on an exclusive yacht, in anticipation of what lies ahead – the underwater adventure that a Cairns snorkelling tour offers. Far North Queensland’s Cairns region truly is heaven on earth, and what better way to experience it than in the world’s biggest and best reef. The Great Barrier Reef is 344,400 km² of blissful coral and marine life; the best way to immerse yourself in this magical environment is with one of our premier snorkelling tours. Whether it’s your first or your thirtieth snorkelling escapade, the array of tours on offer through Cairns Tours gives you the greatest chance of experiencing whatever it is that your heart desires.

The world-renowned Great Barrier Reef contains a variety of stunning subaquatic locations, teeming with some of the most beautiful and treasured wildlife in the world. If you’re looking for something a little more ‘short and sweet’, the Big Cat: Green Island Reef Cruise half-day tour may be more your style. Either way, you’re bound to find a snorkelling tour that fits your timeframe and budget, and that leaves you with a total feeling of awe!   Less

Great Adventures: Great Barrier Reef Adventure

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Escape into a world of surprises to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Outer Great Barrier Reef. From the comfort of the stable reef activity platform, this is the perfect base for swimmers and non-swimmers to explore. Snorkel and dive, visit the underwater observatory and cruise in a semi-sub, or just relax on the sundeck with a delicious buffet lunch.

Wavedancer Low Isles Cruise

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Imagine sailing aboard Wavedancer to the Great Barrier Reef island of your dreams, lying under a palm thatched umbrella, then slipping into the water to drift over coral gardens alive with brilliantly coloured fishes… Low Isles. Set like a jewel in a Great Barrier Reef lagoon, Low Isles is an idyllic, unspoilt coral island that appeals to everyone.

Great Adventures: Green Island Eco Adventure

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With the choice of three daily departures, this Green Island cruise is perfect for visitors with limited time offering a half day experience, or if you prefer spend all day – up to 7 hours on a tropical island paradise! With a range of exciting optional activities, you can even design your day at your own pace.

Quicksilver Cruises: Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

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For your experience of a lifetime, Quicksilver’s wavepiercing catamarans and friendly crew will take you to a reef at the very edge of Australia’s Continental Shelf, to an underwater world that is a dazzling kaleidoscope of colour and brilliance… Agincourt Reef, a magnificent ribbon reef where you can experience first hand the magic that is the Great Barrier Reef.

Silversonic: Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

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An ultra modern 29 metre catamaran lets you explore the outer edge reef locations at Agincourt ribbon reef in superb style and comfort. At Agincourt ribbon reef, you’ll have access to exclusive dive and snorkel sites, each site offers a new experience. In between water activities, relax on the expansive sundecks overlooking the Coral Sea.

Great Adventures: Green Island and Great Barrier Reef Adventure

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The complete reef and island experience awaits with this exciting cruise. A fast 45 minute catamaran ride will take you to beautiful Green Island to enjoy two hours on this unique reef and rainforest coral cay. A day of adventure and discovery continues onto Great Adventures’ spacious activity platform moored on the majestic Outer Great Barrier Reef.

Silverswift: Dive and Snorkel Adventures

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We’re ready to whisk you away for a day of adventure, Silverswift is a luxury 29m catamaran designed with everything you need to experience an underwater world of colourful marine life in safety and comfort. Visit 3 sites at the Outer Barrier Reef and spend a leisurely 5 hours at play.

Passions of Paradise: Great Barrier Reef

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Dive, sail and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns. Experience the adventure of snorkelling, diving and sailing on the Great Barrier Reef with Passions of Paradise. The 25 metre high-performance catamaran sails daily from Cairns to two unique locations, world-famous Michaelmas Cay and exclusive Paradise Reef.

Poseidon: Outer Reef Cruise

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Poseidon Outer Reef Cruises offers a five star cruise to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Visit three spectacular sites on the outer edge of the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs. The crystal-clear waters, beautiful corals and incredible fish life found at the Agincourts, 70kl North East of Port Douglas, enables Poseidon to offer the best possible day boat diving and snorkeling.

Reef Magic Cruises: Marine World Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

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Reef Magic Cruises has exclusive access to a stunning coral reef location on the premium outer edge of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This World Heritage listed site has been hand picked for it’s superior water clarity, coral quality and overall diversity of marine life – Home to over 400 species of coral and an incredible 1500 species of fish.