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Hot Air Balloon Cairns

Few people are unfamiliar with that scene in the Wizard of Oz where the Great and Powerful Oz finally leaves Oz in a hot air balloon, soaring over everyone’s heads into the sky. Many a child has conjured up images in his mind of the sensation of lifting off into the air, the gentle but powerful feeling of being swept along with the wind, and of course, the amazing views sprawled out beneath.

What better place to experience all that and more than Far North Queensland, where the most amazing landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see? Embark on your hot air balloon adventure in Mareeba, a little town on the Atherton Tableland, part of the majestic Great Dividing Range.

As the balloon gently rises from the ground, lifts off, floats dreamily skyward and finally confidently takes flight, climbing over the undulating folds of the mountain range in the crisp morning air, drink in the sights with a heart full of wonder.

The Great Dividing Range, which stretches out beneath the hot air balloon, is a patchwork of mountain ranges, highlands, lowlands and plateaus such as the Atherton Tableland. The Great Dividing Range stretches from Queensland in the Northeast all the way to Victoria in the Southeast portion of Australia. Watch as coursing rivers turn into little rivulets from your vantage point up in the air, and wild mountain ranges lie silently below, the only witnesses to the brightly coloured balloon gliding serenely overhead.

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Hot Air Balloon Cairns

Hot Air Balloon Cairns
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Experience the fun & unique sensation of floating gently through the sky with Hot Air Balloon Cairns! The balloon takes off from Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands. Enjoy the picturesque landscape at dawn, spend 30 minutes floating in your Hot Air Balloon, time to really breathe in the wide-open spaces! We have Australia’s largest fleet of Hot Air Balloons and a fun and highly trained crew to maximise the enjoyment of your balloon flight. It’s just like a balloon festival, every day!