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Top Five Things to Experience When Visiting the Daintree

By James Dixon | 24th November 2016

Named after Richard Daintree, the now heritage listed Daintree Rainforest is a must see for anyone wanting to reconnect with nature.  As any local knows, the key to the Daintree is knowing exactly what areas to tackle to experience the Daintree to its fullest:

Mossman Gorge

A staple amongst the Daintree circuit – the Mossman gorge is a key Jewel of the Daintree.  Little over an hour away from Cairns, approaching the Mossman Gorge Centre – gateway to the Mossman Gorge is an experience all to itself.  A new indigenous tourist development, the centre caters with a fully equipped Cafe and Restaurant, Indigenous Art Gallery and Retail shop.  From there it’s a shuttle bus ride under $10 to the heart of the Gorge to experience the majesty.  Whether a seasoned hiker or an amateur simply wishing to take in the brilliance of the Daintree Rainforest – the Gorge caters to multiple skill levels:

– Baral Marrjanga – a 270-meter track that takes no more than 10 minutes!  it leads through the rainforest to the majestic Mossman River Lookout Point.

– Lower River Track – a 300-meter track that joins into the Baral Marrjanga; winding itself along the Mossman River before leading to the Lookout Point.

– Rex Creek Bridge – a 460-meter track that follows the Baral Marrajanga, and with a quick turn to the left, leads to the famous Rex Suspension Bridge.

– Rainforest Circuit – taking place after the Rex Creek Bridge walk, the hardest of all tracks it is 2.4 km through the rainforest it leads to spectacular views of Mount Demi.

Kuku Yalanji Dreamtime Walk

Treat yourself to a fully guided rainforest walk along 600 meters of private tracks along Mossman Gorge.  A local indigenous tour guide will take you to behind the scenes areas, give you information on local bush tucker/ sources as well as a variety of stories about the local area from indigenous perspectives

Daintree River Cruise

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Taking a cruise for anyone wishing to experience the Daintree to its fullest is crucial.  An hour and a half cruise down private, untainted rainforest acreage – it will be the highlight of your day.  Best known for its awe-inspiring backdrop, you’ll be privy to unique and vast array flora and fauna that will intrigue and fascinate you.  Be sure to take your camera on this trip to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Daintree Village:


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The Daintree village is the region’s original settlement, created in 1870 it was the home for timber cutters.  An unspoilt paradise in the middle of luscious green scenery.   Although the timber industry has long since passed, the village now thrives on a mix of farming in tourism with a number of restaurants, artists’ studios, locally-created souvenirs and array of picnic areas to absorb the scenery.

Port Douglas

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Getting to see the coastal town of Port Douglas is an absolute must to tie together your adventures in the Daintree.  Established in 1877 after the discovery of gold at Hodgkinson River by James Venture Mulligan, Port Douglas quickly took off with the establishment of a post office and countless hotels.  Turning itself to catering to tourists from all over the globe after the installation of the Kuranda Railway – Port Douglas is a refreshing mix of History meets Contemporary as you’ll experience with its countless, stylish attractions.

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