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The Red Arrow Walk

The Red Arrow Walk is a 1.5km circuit, beginning at the base of Mt Whitfield behind Cairns Botanical Gardens. A popular destination with local hikers, the walk winds up the mountain through rainforest, grassland, crops of established bamboo and groves of sweet smelling eucalyptus trees.


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The Red Arrow Walk starts at Collins Avenue in the Mount Whitfield Conservation Park, where it climbs through undulating elevation for approximately 100 metres. You will arrive at a lookout above Cairns International Airport, which offers beautiful views across the city and out to Green Island. Ascending a further 50 metres will bring you to a second lookout that is also the beginning of the Blue Arrow loop trail. The Blue Arrow (4.5km return) ascends through rainforest to an elevation of more than 350 metres above sea level. A short side trail from about halfway up the Blue Arrow will take you to a third lookout on the summit of Mt Lumley Hill, affording spectacular views of the coast north of Cairns.

While the Blue Arrow loop is challenging with some very steep sections, the view at the top is spectacular. Trinity Inlet, the Coral Sea, the ocean and the city of Cairns look truly breathtaking, with the cool breeze providing relief from the rainforest humidity.

Red Arrow Walk can accommodate most fitness levels and is an enjoyable place for a leisurely walk or run amid a stunning array of flora and fauna. There are, however, a number of steep steps so caution should be exercised and your time taken, especially if this is your first visit to the trail. As drinking fountains are only available at the beginning of the climb, carrying bottled water is also necessary.

The walk is well sign posted with useful information relating to the plant and animal life of the area and dappled sunlight highlights curious bush turkeys and red legged pademelons. You will see wallabies at rest and play in the grasslands, especially early morning and late afternoon. Dawn is perfect for birdwatching.

Being only five minutes from Cairns city centre with public transport available, this idyllic spot is one of the nicest and most accessible places to visit in Cairns.