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Jabiru Safari Lodge at Mareeba Wetlands

If there’s one place in Australia that encompasses the beauty of the outback in all of its wild glory, it’s the Jabiru Safari Lodge in the Mareeba Tropical Savannah and Wetlands Reserve.


There’s no need to rough it when visiting Australia’s outback – the Jabiru Safari Lodge offers the outback experience with a touch of luxury and a lot of comfort. Located about an hour west of Cairns in the ‘Cairns Highlands’, the Mareeba Tropical Savannah and Wetlands Reserve is the stunning home of the Jabiru Safari Lodge. This 5,000-acre reserve consists of open savannah, sweeping grasslands and thick woodlands, dotted with duck and lily-filled ponds. This environment creates the ideal natural habitat for the many threatened and endangered species that dwell here.

In fact, the primary goal of Jabiru Safari Lodge and the Mareeba Wetlands’ managers – the Wildlife Conservancy of Tropical North Queensland – is to preserve this area as close to its natural state as possible. As a result, staying at the Jabiru Safari Lodge gives you an authentic, nature-filled eco-tour experience that will renew your hope in the planet and allow you to experience the wonder of a pristine environment.

A visit to the Wetlands is an ideal choice for wildlife lovers, who will be awestruck by the number of native Aussie animals who live here. Kangaroos, wallabies and other marsupials mingle with over 200 species of bird, a variety of lizards, insects and water creatures –all free roaming and many secure enough to feel inquisitive about their human visitors.

If you want to experience this gorgeous place in full, there are number of options for doing so, such as:

Mareeba Wetlands Self-Guided Walks

Following clearly marked walking trails; you can enjoy over 12km of stunning scenery and calm peacefulness while you stroll around these amazing Wetlands.

Mareeba Wetlands Nature Eco Cruise

For 45 minutes, you’ll enjoy a guided eco-tour on Clancy’s Lagoon, spotting and learning about the amazing local flora and fauna including water birds, giant barramundi and some curious freshwater crocodiles.

Mareeba Wetlands Private Guiding

With a friendly, experienced naturalist guide leading you, you’ll be given the ultimate personal tour, educating you about the amazing natural wonders of the Wetland, the savannah and their inhabitants.

Mareeba Wetlands canoeing

While paddling gently in a locally hand-made wooden canoe, you’ll be able to quietly observe the wildlife with as little interruption to their daily habits as possible. This is a perfect choice for avid photographers who want to capture the beauty of the amphibians and birds resting on lily pads.

Mareeba Wetlands ‘Early Birders’ Safari

Wake up early (7am) and delight in the sunrise as its rays delicately warm the surrounding environment. You’ll witness all the early morning activity from the local wildlife – including 30 different bird species – as you’re driven slowly through the reserve. You’ll arrive at the beautiful Pandanus Lagoon at around 10am, where your tour will return.

Mareeba Wetlands Sunset Reserve Safari

After a delightful afternoon cruising Clancy’s Lagoon, you’ll be transferred to the centre of the reserve for some traditional Australian Billy Tea, wildlife spotting and bird watching. Then, as you nibble on delicious cheeses and sip on wine, you’ll be mesmerised as the colours of the sunset change the lagoon and savannah woodland scenery from a day-scape into a magical, glowing vista of light.

Regardless of which option you choose to pursue while staying at the Jabiru Safari Lodge in the Mareeba Tropical Savannah and Wetlands Reserve, you can be sure to leave with a smile on your face and a renewed appreciation of nature in your heart.

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