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The Great Barrier Reef

The magical Great Barrier Reef – which hugs the coastline of stunning North Queensland – offers an experience that leaves all its visitors in awe. With more than 100 different ways to experience the Reef – which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – you are guaranteed to find a tour that fits your personal preference.


As the world’s largest coral reef system, the Barrier Reef is composed of more than 2,900 individual reefs and around 900 islands; amazingly, it can also be seen from space! Located in the Coral Sea, this world heritage listed site is a magical wonderland not found anywhere else in the world. Approximately two million people visit this natural phenomenon each year, making this one of Australia’s most sought after tourist destination. The natural marvel sets itself above all others, as it is the largest living organism in the world and even dwarfs the Great Wall of China in a comparison of size.

There is an amazing variety of sea-life in this awe-inspiring water world, and 1,500 differing species of fish, over 400 types of coral and more than 4,000 mollusc species call this diverse ecosystem home. However, the stunning undersea-life is not the only attraction that inhabits this amazing landscape – the skies are alive with over 215 species of birdlife that visit and nest on or around the reef, including an array of majestic seabirds.


The diversity of life in the Great Barrier Reef is further reflected by the large number of whales, porpoises and dolphins that frequent the crystal waters and the rainbow coloured reef systems – with over thirty species of whales alone! There are around six different species of sea turtles that come to breed on the reef, including the leatherback sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, flatback turtle, green sea turtle, Hawksbill turtle and the Olive Ridley turtle. Amazingly, the green sea turtle has two genetically different populations – one that resides in the southern area of the reef system and the other in the north. The Great Barrier Reef lends itself to some of Australia’s most vulnerable and endangered species, meaning that conservation efforts are vital for the survival of this wonderful ecosystem.

For wildlife-loving visitors, there are plenty of options available to explore the beauty of the reef and its stunning inhabitants – swim with the dwarf Minke whales, dive and explore the vastness of the magical world of coral that lies beneath the water, or even snorkel with the massive turtles that frequent the area. With options such as scuba diving, scenic flights, skydiving, snorkelling, swimming with the sea-life (sharks, fish, whales or dolphins), an array of fishing choices, kayaking and more, you’re able to see every facet of the amazing Barrier Reef. There are even options available for ‘Liveaboard’ adventures, which offer an opportunity to stay for a couple of days and nights on-board a reef vessel, meaning you can journey through the reef under the starlight – a sight that is truly amazing, to say the least.

This majestic tropical paradise is an absolute must-do for visitors to the area. The stunning coral reef – with its assortment of rare and beautiful wildlife – will be sure to leave any visitor awe-inspired and mesmerised from start to finish. Once you have been to the Great Barrier Reef, you will understand why it’s classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and you will never forget this amazing slice of paradise!

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