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Cairns from a Bird’s Eye Point of View

The opportunity to see Cairns from a bird’s eye view is too enticing to pass up. Memorable images of the spectacular Atherton Tablelands, the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding tropical rainforest will be etched into your mind forevermore, with some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery sweeping below you, as your hot air balloon rises majestically into the pre-dawn skies.


No matter how great your ground adventure, seeing Cairns and its plethora of extraordinary features from the air is an indescribable experience. As the skies lighten, your balloon will depart from Mareeba with a swoosh of blue flame. Within minutes, your balloon will have risen gently into the air, where the patchwork landscape below you becomes a sensorial wonderland, inconceivable to anyone who has not experienced it firsthand. After reaching a certain height, all sound from below will cease and you will float along on the air currents, feeling as though you’re on a magic carpet ride.

Uninterrupted 360-degree views of the Tablelands, the Reef, the cays, islands and marine life endemic to Cairns, are just some of the things you’ll experience on your Hot Air Ballooning Cairns Tour. Look out for Humpback Whales, Dugongs and Green Sea Turtles near the coral reef lagoons and be mesmerised by the unfolding map of mountain ranges, highlands, lowlands, snaking rivers and undulating green and brown squares of sartorial landscape elegance. There are often kangaroos grazing on the plains and rabbits darting in and out of the vines of the local vineyards.

As the skies navy haze lightens to a baby blue, stretching beyond all imagining, you will spy swooping birdlife and other balloons in the distance, traversing The Great Dividing Range. The crisp morning air will bring a healthy glow to your cheeks, as you turn in wonder to breathe in all of the amazing sights around you.

Your experienced crew at Cairns Tours will ensure you have a safe yet thrilling 30-minute adventure above one of the greatest landscapes in Australia.

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