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The beauty of nature’s underwater wonderland can only really be uncovered and truly explored while gliding along with the currents on a Scuba Diving adventure. Cairns Tours have assembled the best possible aquatic adventures in this stunning location, all while offering exclusive rates. If your interests lie in submerging yourself into the beauty of the World Heritage Listed utopia – which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – then one of our fantastic Great Barrier Reef tours will definitely satiate your desires.

As arguably one of the most magical adventures we offer, the Poseidon: Outer Reef Cruise offers a five star journey into the stunning Agincourt Ribbon Reefs; located 70 km Northeast of Port Douglas. We have numerous similar underwater adventures designed for first-timers and pros alike. In the opinion of thousands, Cairns is the ideal place from which to experience the stunning sights of the world’s most unique and colourful tropical marine life. As you are taking in the majesty of what you’re experiencing, you can rest assured, knowing that all our tours are eco-friendly. Scuba Diving Cairns – why go anywhere else? 

Poseidon: Outer Reef Cruise

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Poseidon Outer Reef Cruises offers a five star cruise to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Visit three spectacular sites on the outer edge of the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs. The crystal-clear waters, beautiful corals and incredible fish life found at the Agincourts, 70kl North East of Port Douglas, enables Poseidon to offer the best possible day boat diving and snorkeling.

Reef Magic Cruises: Marine World Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

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Reef Magic Cruises has exclusive access to a stunning coral reef location on the premium outer edge of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This World Heritage listed site has been hand picked for it’s superior water clarity, coral quality and overall diversity of marine life – Home to over 400 species of coral and an incredible 1500 species of fish.

Silversonic: Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

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An ultra modern 29 metre catamaran lets you explore the outer edge reef locations at Agincourt ribbon reef in superb style and comfort. At Agincourt ribbon reef, you’ll have access to exclusive dive and snorkel sites, each site offers a new experience. In between water activities, relax on the expansive sundecks overlooking the Coral Sea.

Silverswift: Dive and Snorkel Adventures

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We’re ready to whisk you away for a day of adventure, Silverswift is a luxury 29m catamaran designed with everything you need to experience an underwater world of colourful marine life in safety and comfort. Visit 3 sites at the Outer Barrier Reef and spend a leisurely 5 hours at play.