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The gorgeous Low Isles have earned a reputation as one of the Great Barrier Reef’s most coveted locations. Riding aboard the Wavedancer, you’ll sail towards paradise, where you can enjoy the tropical beauty of this Coral Cay. Imagine laying on the beach – warm sun on your face and a calm, secluded environment to enjoy. You’ll then be able to cool off with a snorkelling adventure, admiring the striking colours and patterns of the living ecosystem located below the waves. This tour has something for everyone!

Wavedancer Low Isles Cruise

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An hour sailing time from Port Douglas, Low Isles is set like a jewel in a Great Barrier Reef lagoon, an idyllic unspoilt tropical paradise that appeals to everyone. The wide sandy beach and clear, calm lagoon are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Take your mask and snorkel and swim gently around the coral gardens where you’ll see curious clownfish and graceful turtles.