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Cairns Chinese Friendship Gardens

By James Dixon | 2nd December 2016

Developed to celebrate the bond between Cairns and sister city ,Zhanijiang in China – forged since 2004 – Zhanjiang Friendship Gardens stands as a testament to the aim of developing long-term and meaningful relationships between international cities.

A bond meaning to diversify and instil a greater level of understanding and cooperation on international levels; furthering and creating a sense of goodwill through the sharing of economic, community, cultural and social interaction matters.

Cairns Chinese Friendship Garden

Photo Credit: Tarsha Lions

Located on the banks of Freshwater Lake, along Greenslopes Streets – Zhanjiang Friendship Gardens was officially opened on 21 November 2015 by Mayor Bob Manning and Huang Guang., the Vice Secretary General of Zhanjiang Municipal People’s Government.

Inspired by the designer’s involvement with the Sino-Australian Friendship Garden at Zhanziang China – Designers consulted several boards and committees to ensure no detail was overlooked.


Photo Credit: Tarsha Lions

The result was a garden that paid respect to the relationship maintained between the cities of Zhanjiang and Cairns – with the gardens displaying a unique fusion of fresh contemporary architecture, highlighted in a traditionalist sense.

Designer’s highlighted this in style choices which include:

– Entry pillars that show “Arrival” and are decorated with illustrative motifs of traditional cloud patterns.
– Chillagoe Marble boulders to acknowledge the significance of mountains/ rocks in Chinese culture.
– Moon Gate marked with the words “Friendship Garden”
– Granite Dogs, a representation of the ancient dog sculptures unique to Zhanjiang
– A Chinese style pavilion, overlooking the breathtaking freshwater Centenary Lakes.


Photo Credit: Tarsha Lions

Besides architecture, the gardens include several varieties of both Australian and Chinese Flora – many selected for their hues of the colour “red” – a compliment to the significance of the colour red in the Chinese culture.

These architectural and flora choices were absolutely key in not only showcasing but celebrating Chinese cultural, historical and economical significance in Cairns today.

Cairns Chinese Friendship Gardens 4

Photo Credit: Tarsha Lions

The beautiful Zhanjiang Friendship Gardens will continue to stand a resolute testament to the ongoing friendship between the Australian and Chinese people – and celebrate the Chinese culture in a relaxing atmosphere.

One thing is for certain, if you’re in Cairns – adding the Zhanjiang Friendship Gardens to your itinerary is an absolute must!