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White Water Rafting in Cairns – A Thrill to Remember!

By James Dixon | 21st February 2015

You’re gently drifting along, taking in the stunning scenery along the river bank and keeping a look out for the inquisitive local wildlife when suddenly, you realise that the raft you’re in has picked up pace and you can hear the sound of rushing water ahead. Your friendly guide lets you know to brace yourself as you help paddle around a huge sweep in the bank, but you weren’t quite prepared for what you can now see up ahead – a huge, gushing drop down into a white, fizzing storm!


You hold on tight as the raft pitches forward, but then your heart is in your mouth as you experience an almost vertical drop into the unknown. In this split second, you realise that you underestimated the whole white water rafting experience and regret thinking that it would be a breeze compared to that bungy jumping experience you had last year. You feel the cool, refreshing rush of water envelop you as the raft makes its landing, and – realising that you are upright and not damaged in any way – you let out an excited hoot of personal achievement. What a rush!

If this sounds like the type of experience that makes your toes curl and your mouth water with anticipation, then white water rafting in Cairns is the thing for you! The best thing about white water rafting in Cairns isn’t the amazing water courses on offer, or the range of challenges from beginner to complete daredevil – no, it’s the fact that your rafting experience will be had while surrounded in some of the world’s most beautiful scenery.

If you’d like to experience this scenery on a day of gentle white water rafting action, the Raging Thunder: Barron Raft Adventure is going to be your best option. The Barron River is the perfect river for beginners wishing to try their hand at grade 2 and 3 rapids. The river flows through the stunning Barron Gorge National Park, meaning you’ll experience an eco-tour and a rafting adventure simultaneously.

If you’re after a jaw-dropping, eye-bulging thrill, try out the Raging Thunder: Xtreme Tully Raft Adventure or the full day Raging Thunder: Tully Raft Adventure. The Tully River is thought of as the best white water rafting river in all of Australia/New Zealand and is certainly not for the fainthearted!

Regardless of which white water rafting trip you choose, you’ll be guided along by expert, friendly rafting professionals, who will make sure your experience is safe, comfortable and one to remember!

So, bring your friends, bring your family or come alone, but don’t ever underestimate the thrills of white water rafting in Cairns!