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The Majestic Cape Tribulation

By James Dixon | 16th December 2014

The stunning landscape of Cairns is greatly enhanced by the magical environmental wonder of beautiful Cape Tribulation. Named by the infamous Captain James Cook, this place held little substance for the explorer, as it was where his ship – The Endeavour – ran aground on a difficult to navigate reef. This started a series of unfortunate events for the adventurer. Thankfully, others saw value in the area at a later time and populated this bountiful region. These days, Cape Tribulation – or ‘Cape Trib’, as it is affectionately known – is a thriving tourist destination that is coveted for its precious natural beauty.



Cape Tribulation lies inside the majestic environment of The Daintree National Park. From this area, many wondrous explorative adventures await both the intrepid explorer and the vacationer looking for a relaxing, tropical holiday. If Cairns is the location for your next holiday – or you’re still deciding on a destination – one of the finest journeys into the heart of Northern Queensland’s wilderness can be experienced from here. You don’t just want to walk into the crocodile and snake filled forest without guidance though, so Cairns Tours have selected a variety of exciting excursions and luxury adventures for you enjoy in a safe, supervised manner.

One of our most popular feature tours has you immersed in a triple treat of awe-inspiring undertakings. With visit to Cape Tribulation, Daintree and Mossman Gorge on your itinerary, this adventure has stunning written all over it! The first time you set foot in the immersive wonder of the Daintree National Park, it’s hard to scope the magnitude of this ancient, magical environment. From the Mossman Gorge Gateway Centre – where you’ll receive warm greetings from a local indigenous representative – you’ll travel into the Gorge itself to experience a guided walk through this thriving, lush ecosystem. On Cape Tribulation Beach, you’ll experience the definition of tropical paradise, as you gaze over the fringing coral reef and emerald green coastline. After a delicious tropical lunch, you’ll travel through the rainforests of Alexandra Range, before experiencing the sweeping views over the Daintree and surrounds, from the Alexandra Lookout.

As if all of the beauty of these areas wasn’t enough for one day, you’ll finalise your adventure by relaxing on a Daintree River Cruise. As you look for estuarine crocodiles, local tree snake species, tropical birds and unique flora, you’ll learn about the resilience of this delicately balanced ecosystem that has survived for millions of years.