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How to Take the Perfect Aerial Snap!

By James Dixon | 10th November 2016

A well-known question on every photographer’s lips, who has dared to soar above the treetops is simple – how do I capture the perfect aerial snap?

Inexperienced hands can deliver photographs, that are uninspiring canvasses on green and blue – in what was the hopes of delivering even a tenth of the wonder they captured on an expedition.

Therefore knowing what to look for when delivering your jaw dropping photographic snaps is crucial.  The three easiest concepts for taking spectacular photographs quickly are as follows:


The perspective on Cairns Tours is second to none.  Fully catered tours allow you to capture those amazing and never before seen aerial shots.  With seasoned professionals ready to take you on never before seen places so you can grab your own unique perspective.  A key element in gaining an understanding of your vertical lines.  When taking a landscape photograph – particularly those from an aerial perspective – finding interesting lines is crucial.  Whether taking a line from a sunset sky, overlaying a farmland horizon – or a River running towards the Great Barrier Reef – leading lines are sure to make your photograph interesting.


Just like on the cover of vogue – lighting is everything!  The lighting delivered on Cairns Tours is optimum.  For advanced photographers, knowing about aperture and focus is a must.  For low light, areas ensure that your lens is opened to a maximum to gain all those highlights that are sure to make your photograph pops!  For those wanting to soak in the best of both worlds – taking in the scenery while making sure to capture those photographs which are sure to make your friends envious – simply turn your DSLR camera to manual!  A cheeky hack that will ensure that all your lighting levels are manually adjusted so you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Find Your Focal Point

Whatever you are photographing – do not forget to find a focal point.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be at the front of the photograph, but it does have to pull an audience into the photograph.  The easiest way to decide this is simple – find what’s different and what captured your attention.  From there, simply follow the rule of thirds – dividing your photograph into three even sections – placing your focal point on one of these sections.  The result will be amazing photographs.


Nothing can beat that unimaginable rush of soaring above the clouds, with the wind running through your hair.  It’s a rush you’ll definitely want to remember for years to come; therefore taking the perfect photograph is key!  You’re going to want all your focus on the moment (and the photo!) and the easiest way to do that, is to make sure you have a seasoned tour guide! The people at Cairns Tours are second to none and they will go above and beyond to ensure that your day is nothing but happy snapping!