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One Night Not Enough? Why Not Try A Liveaboard Adventure!

By James Dixon | 8th March 2015

When it comes to the wonder and majesty of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, is one day of exploration really all the time you’ll need to explore this stunning Natural Wonder? Speaking from experience, the answer is most definitely no. Once you see the natural treasures that await you underneath the clear, warm waters of the Reef, you’ll quickly wish that the natural laws of physics didn’t apply and just maybe, you’re descendent from the mermaid-people and this could be your new home… Why, oh why was I born with legs and not fins! Ok, this may be a little (or a lot) overstated; however, the beauty of immersing yourself in this aquatic wonderland cannot be expressed enough.


The Pro Dive: Liveaboard 3 day 2 night adventure is perfect for those who want to experience the most out of the Reef during their holiday (or those who wish they were named Ariel). With a total of 11 dives (including 2 night dives), you’ll be in marine heaven. The great thing about this adventure is that everything’s included – such as equipment, meals and beds – and all dives are guided by professionals.

As I mentioned before, the best way to experience the Barrier Reef is to stay out there for a few days. This gives you a more relaxed and immersive journey, giving you the peaceful and tranquil environment you need to enjoy every minute on board. The greater the number of wonderful diving and snorkelling experiences you get, the more chance you will leave feeling as though you really, REALLY explored every aspect of the underwater reefs, and in some ways, came to understand why this region is so important to us.

The very friendly and professional guys that run Pro Dive have three Premium dive boats, all with very comfortable and spacious, fully air conditioned accommodation. With the opportunity to complete a total of 11 dives, and plenty of snorkelling as well. The guys have mapped out perfect dive locations, and have 16 exclusive sites. These sites highlight some of the best coral and marine life available, and have great visibility, granting you access to the unique world that lives beneath the surface.

This adventure comes highly recommended, and you won’t be disappointed. Not only are you going to love your host, they are going to show you locations that you didn’t even know existed. The Great Barrier Reef’s own heaven on earth – try out the Pro Dive tour today, let them expand your underwater knowledge and wow you from start to finish.