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Hot Air Ballooning at Mareeba

By James Dixon | 10th June 2015

A Close Encounter with Heaven – Hot Air Ballooning Cairns Tours

Have you ever envisioned watching the gorgeous Australian sunrise from high above the ground? It’s almost like you’re encountering a touch of heaven. Right here on earth!


Visualise floating gently in the sky, with nothing but chirping birds and sun-drenched nature to accompany you, as the sun slowly peeps out ready for another glorious day. As dawn breaks, the pristine beauty of the highlands slowly comes to life to give you a bird’s eye view of nature’s best-kept secrets. Indulge yourself as you drift away slowly − the winds gently taking you to the gates of heaven. That’s what hot air ballooning in Cairns is like!

Hot air ballooning in Cairns is perhaps one of the best experiences in the world. The warm climate in the region allows take off almost every day of the year. The mountain ranges around the area act as a barrier for sea winds entering the highlands with their full force to create a flow of calm winds that are stunningly perfect for a smooth and enjoyable balloon flight.

The Tour

The hot ballooning tour begins with a free pick up from your stay location in and around Cairns. You are then taken to the launch site at Mareeba. If you get there early enough, you may get a chance to witness and help with the balloon inflation process − which promises to be quite an experience on its own. Watch in awe as these giant balloons take their shape and bounce around − ready to take you on the most unforgettable ride of your life. The flight begins at Mareeba and glides over Atherton Tablelands − around 40 kilometres from the coast.

·       Immerse in the fresh breeze and witness the landscape below, as the balloon soars effortlessly in the majestically blue skies.

·       Enjoy natural beauty at its supreme best with a pair of binoculars at the Atherton Tablelands, well known for a variety of bird species and tree kangaroos.

·       Your knowledgeable pilot will give you an instructive lesson on the various species of trees and birds found in the region.

Fun Fact: The hot air balloon rides at dawn are so romantic that a surprisingly high number of marriage proposals are made on board − so who knows? You can get started with your love story here too.

About Mareeba

Mareeba is a small town located in the Atherton Tablelands, approximately 60 kilometres from Cairns. Home to beautiful and rich wildlife, fruit farms, coffee plantations, wineries, historical and cultural museums as well as amazing local gourmet food ­− Mareeba is well known for its distinctive cultural heritage.

The town has the perfect climate for year- round hot air ballooning. The natural beauty of the highlands is worthy of applause, so if a hot air balloon ride isn’t for you, get aboard a restored warplane at the Mareeba Airport. Visitors can also enjoy nature trails and camp at Emerald Creek Falls or Davies Creek Falls. Cool off at the various rock pools and enjoy a hot barbecue.

More than 300 species of birds can be found in this region. Brolgas and Sarus Cranes are especially famous in the Mareeba Tropical Savannah. For the best bird watching experience, it’s best to stay overnight at a safari lodge around the region.

The hot air ballooning experience is unlike anything you would have experienced before − hop aboard and take the flight of a lifetime!