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Daintree Walkabout – Spotlight on Kuku Yalanji Dreamtime Walk

By James Dixon | 28th May 2015

This spectacular adventure has moments of beauty, magical sights and is an all-round stunning adventure. Set in the gorgeous surrounds of the Daintree National Park, be led through in amazement as the traditional Indigenous owners guide, identify, enchant and tell stories throughout your journey. All this is followed by a panoramic Daintree river cruise, before heading onto a short stop at Port Douglas.


Dreamtime Gorge Walk

Once you arrive, you’re greeted by a traditional smoking ceremony – designed to ward off bad spirits, of course. Then, take in the sights as you’re led through trails that are littered with traditional huts. Be amazed at the knowledge that the Indigenous guides hold, as they demonstrate, identify and enchant you with narratives of their ancestor’s lives in this unique location. As you reach the local waters, stop for a refreshing swim. After this, your guide will run you through some Indigenous traditions, like ochre painting and bush soaps. As this section of the tour ends, you’ll enjoy some bush tea and yummy damper.


Sit back and enjoy the short scenic commute around 15 minutes north of the beautiful Port Douglas, which will take you to the town of Mossman. This picturesque township is home to the natural beauty of the iconic Mossman Gorge. Take your time as you walk through the beautiful street-side scenery, including historic pubs and country stores. Then, top the morning off with a wonderful guided walk through the rainforest, led by the Kuku Yulanji Indigenous people. If you’re in the mood for some award winning wines, why not stop in at the Tropical Fruit Winery and try a sample.


As you’re welcomed to the Silky Oaks Lodge, sit back and enjoy the mouth-watering specialty Barramundi lunch. All while being surrounded by stunning rainforest views, which overlook the panoramic Mossman River. This open plan ‘treehouse’ grants spectacular scenery, so sit amongst the glory of the canopy, all while enjoying a refreshing drink.

Daintree River Cruise

This is an immersive hour-long cruise through a wonderful wildlife wonderland (ha – say that three times fast…). The view will leave you in awe as you float down the winding estuary. See a range of different animals, birds, snakes, and if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of an estuarine croc! Some of the insects, birds and reptiles you’ll see are so rare they are only located in this area.

Port Douglas

As you round out your tour, enjoy the last leg at the historical town of Port Douglas. This picturesque seaside township is home to beautiful beaches and stunning rainforest – it’s easy to see why this is one of Australia’s premiere holiday destinations. As you head back to Cairns, reflect on what an expansive and wonderful journey you have undertaken. One thing we can guarantee is you’ll be back!!