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1000 Year Old Trees, Waterfalls, Wildlife & Paronella Park

By James Dixon | 13th March 2015

Some people just have a vision, and José Paronella was definitely one of those people. Although most people in the modern day and age don’t aspire to build and own a castle, he did. After months of scouting Australia’s northern landscape, he finally chose his ideal area. This, in turn, fostered the beginnings of the amazing, unique and completely beautiful Paronella Park.


This five Hectares of land that stretches out beside Mena Creek Falls was the place for his castle. Along with his castle (because a castle alone just wasn’t enough for this intrepid builder!) was a picnic area by the falls, bridges, tunnels and tennis courts, just to mention a few of the features. The magnificent castle and surrounds are enveloped by a stunning arrangement of 7,500 tropical plants and trees, making it a perfect environment for the whole family to visit. First opened in 1935, Paronella Park is among the few National Trust listed properties, as well as state and national listed heritage properties in North Queensland. With multiple tourism awards, once you’ve seen this national icon it’s easy to see why. This Privately owned eco accredited attraction is also the first site in Queensland to have an operational hydroelectric plant.

This, however, is just one part of the wonderful adventure that is the Paronella Park and Waterfalls tour. A visit to this amazing site entails all a naturist could ever want. Appreciate all that nature has to offer on this Eco Certified scenic Tablelands tour, enjoy Waterfalls Circuit, World Heritage Rainforests, Lake Barrine, the Curtain Fig Tree, Paronella Park and an array of native wildlife. While you’re adventuring through these wonderful landscapes, enjoy panoramic scenery like the views of the Mulgrave River Valley. These views are attained as you traverse Lamb Ranges. Make sure you have the camera ready through the stunning waterfalls circuit, as this is where you’ll happen upon the Giant Curtain Fig Tree. This site will leave you awe inspired – I guarantee you that!

In a nutshell, this is how your day plays out…

Lake Barrine: be escorted in beautiful air-conditioned style to Lake Barrine. Munch on some delicious freshly baked scones and morning tea. Then, it’s onto a cruise of the majestic sites of the Volcanic Crater, Lake Barrine. While you’re here, feel blessed by viewing the twin Kauri Pine Trees – these 1000yr old giants will spellbind you with their stature!

Waterfalls circuit: A stunning walk through beautiful lush rainforest.

Curtain Fig Tree: Journey through tranquil boardwalks, then arrive at the Giant Curtain Fig Tree, where again you’ll be dwarfed by nature.

Platypus Spotting: See if you can spot the highly elusive platypus at Tarzali Lakes.

Millaa Millaa Falls: Be granted a view very few have naturally come across.

Paronella Park: This is where the scenery shines through, in all nature’s glory. Where the natural oasis and modern (well not so modern) architecture meet in a fantastic fusion. Enjoy this castle surrounds, just like the conceptualist, José Paronella, wanted.